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Friday, January 28, 2011


EveryBody Neeeds Traffic

Well traffic is hard to get the best way to get traffic is to write articles register for free articles there are many out there. This is a must do sign up with alexa and use their toolbar and verify your site if your site doesn’t verify put the verify code in your browser your results should show up in about seven days before you do anything you need to use google keyword analyzer.

You have to analyze your title so search engines can see it. Your description should be key word analyzed also your title should be put in your keywords and your domain example .And also put the name of your website in your keywords email submitters are a good way to get traffic you tube is another way to get free traffic right now I’m experimenting with incoming links because alexa doesn’t register farm links because I use monopolinks I get some traffic but alexa does not register my incoming links so that leads me to believe that alexa doesn’t register them.

You need incoming links to get ranked with alexa so far I got some free inbound links from and .I’m experimenting with on how to get incoming links right now I’m working on getting paged ranked on google this is hard also right articles to move down on alexa rankings.Also use twitter,facebook,myspace,bebo for Europe to get the information out about your website.

Make sure you use only three words in tweets that attracts people twitter submitters seem to be the best and easiest way but they are expensive find the one that fits your budget there are many out there also I offer a free traffic generator let the free traffic generator work for you also this traffic generator improves your alexa rankings every time someone joins it that’s what I noticed I am still experimenting I’ll let you know more in other articles.
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